1.  Submit Your Paper

Submit your paper in your own template. At this stage you do not need to use our template. Once your article is accepted, you will be advised on how to prepare your paper for publication.

2.  Peer-review

INSIGHTCORE will assign at least two experts who possess the same area of expertise and interest to review each submitted manuscript. The quality of the paper will be assessed by our reviewers in a timely-manner process in which they will provide their detailed and specific comments to the editorial-board.

Hereafter, the decision will be made by the Editor-in-Chief. If the manuscript needs revision, the paper will be pending until receives the requested modifications. The author will be given detailed information on how to revise the paper in a given period of time.

In case both blind reviewers accept the manuscript equally with no additional revision, then the paper will be published in our next issue. Last scenario, as INSIGHTCORE attempts to only accept and publish quality articles, manuscripts with low quality will be rejected and/ or denied, while we appreciate the author(s) who choose INSIGHTCORE.

The review process at INSIGHTCORE is double-blind. This means that both the reviewer and author identities are unknown for one another. At least two review reports will be written for every manuscript. Reviewers state their opinions clearly with the help of a detailed form which INSIGHTCORE has been provided. The submitted paper will receive a score along with descriptive comments from reviewers. Finally, the Editor-in-Chief is the one who decides if the quality of the final manuscript meets INSIGHTCORE criteria.

3.  Revise and Prepare

Revise your paper or manuscript according to reviewers suggestions. At this time you need to use our journal’s template and prepare your manuscript accordingly. If no additional revision is necessary, go to step 4 directly after receiving acceptance notice from the Editor-in-Chief of the “Journal of Buildings and Sustainability”. Meanwhile, you need to complete our “Publishing Agreement”, which will be given to you accordingly.

4.  Final Submission

After revising your paper (if you are requested), prepare your article using our template. Thereafter, easily submit the final version of your manuscript using the link which will be email to you, once your paper is accepted and finalized.

Your paper will be published online on “Journal of Buildings and Sustainability”. Moreover, it will be submitted to other scientific databases so that your research is shared with the world.


As INSIGHTCORE only focuses on buildings and urban sciences, we are committed to be as fast as we could. However, we do not focus on speed over quality. Our reviewers are dedicated to be on-time and efficient. If a manuscript is accepted in terms of relevancy by our Editor-in-Chief, it will be assigned to two reviewers who have the expertise. The review process is expected to take 2 to 4 weeks, once the manuscript is received. Thereafter, in case the revision is necessary, INSIGHTCORE will give at least 2 to 4 weeks to the author(s) to do the necessary modifications. INSIGHTCORE attempts to publish your paper in 2 months at most from the time you submit your manuscript.

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